Name:          Anne de Vries

      Age:              22

      Nationality: Dutch


Having been born and raised in the wonderful, but small, country of the Netherlands, I have always been in search of another exciting story that would challenge how Dutch society had framed my view of the world.

What I found was a planet full of stories, in theatre and in fiction, as well as in existing countries. And what I believe is that no discipline nor person can stand on their own in finding lasting solutions for worldwide problems.

The Liberal Arts and Sciences program at the University College Groningen, as well as my stay at McGill University in Canada, allowed me to explore such a wide variety of disciplines – from politics to gender studies – together with students from all walks of life.

To me, journalism means not having to choose between disciplines. To me, journalism is a way to get to know the world and make everyone understand each other just a little bit better.