Name:          Annewil Schippers

      Age:              22

      Nationality: Dutch




I’m Annewil, aspiring journalist and self-proclaimed art hipster. I grew up in the countryside in the north of the Netherlands but have been a happy citizen of Groningen for a few years now. Here I finished my bachelor studies in European Languages and Cultures in 2018. During these I specialised in English, Swedish and literature, but I also discovered my passion for journalism and reporting. Especially my experiences during a semester abroad in Linköping, Sweden, where I studied media and communication sciences, lit my fire. To me, being able to fully emerge into a topic as well as translating this journey into a compelling story is the most exciting thing.

In the future, you will hopefully find me in the newsroom of a culture oriented media company. If I could combine my journalistic ambitions with any other of my interests, such as language, music, fashion or photography, I would be perfectly happy.