Name:          Benjie Beer

      Age:              24

      Nationality: UK




Having ignored my various family member’s pleas for me to consider a career in journalism for most of my life, I finally decided to accept that they were right after several years of living and working around the world. The signs that journalism was for me were present for a long time, mainly centering around reading and writing avidly from an early age, writing political articles for a variety of publications like The Independent and, and mimicking George Orwell and Hunter S. Thompson in both writing and fashion styles (thus creating ‘Benjie S. Orwell’, a shocking cross-breed of 1930s London, 1970s Las Vegas and 2010s Cambridge).

I’m passionate about political and social matters, particularly what I would call ‘the mental health crisis’ in the Western world, and socio-economic inequality. I can usually be found trying to convince passers-by on the street of Alex Turner’s lyrical genius.