Name:          Edward J Szekeres

      Age:              24

      Nationality: Slovak/Hungarian (not really sure)

      Email:           edward@thestand.nl



Coming from an academic background that buried the best years of my life under a smothering duvet of infinitely vague legal theory, my subsequent studies of the flamboyant palm-greasing culture of a pseudo-profession otherwise known as “sports management” were merely the sour cherry on top of a mouldy cake.

The rather dim nature of my personal metaphor of madness that I like to call “life” still has its bright side though: I am eternally grateful for having been gifted an unfading sense of cynicism that I constantly apply to all spheres, shadows and hidden corners of life while irritating much and many along the way.

I am a stubborn Freudist and provocation is my biggest passion. My restless personality finds its safe heaven on the emotional rollercoaster of sports and all TV shows related to Gordon Ramsay. My finger is relentlessly pressed on the trembling pulse of irony and I chose journalism as a vehicle to remind the world that “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence.” R.I.P. Oscar Wilde & Go Leafs Go