Name:          Hannah van der Wurff

      Age:              21

      Nationality: Dutch

      Email:           hannah@thestand.nl



When I was young half my suitcase for holiday was stacked with books. It was not long before my love for reading fiction expanded into a dip into the world of non-fiction, followed by a leap of interest into documentaries and photojournalism.

During my interdisciplinary BA in World Politics and International Justice in The Hague I focused on foreign politics and international law. My BA equipped me with all the theoretical background behind most reported current affairs, as well as the chance to work together with a wide array of international students in my studies. Still, I always felt like journalism was able to convey more than academic writing ever could. Journalism has the ability to reach people.

In combining my love for art, language and writing, I want to leap on the things that matter, write the stories of those who need someone to listen and leave my mark on the world. If language is an art, journalism is its truest form.