Name:          Juliane Glahn

      Age:              23

      Nationality: German

      Email:           juliane@thestand.nl



I’m originally from a relatively small city in Germany. Going to a bilingual school and going to the U.S. for a year during high school contributed a lot to my interest in languages and culture, especially in North America.

When it was time to choose a university, I decided to move to Groningen and get my BA in American Studies.

I really enjoy travelling and learning new things about the places I’m visiting. When I’m not on the road, you can find me sipping tea while reading or out and about with friends.

In the past, I worked as a freelancer for a local newspaper, which helped me discover things I never would have come across otherwise. Journalism is an amazing way to connect my love for writing, recording and telling stories. It’s also a great way to meet people, learn new things and broaden my horizon.