Name:          Oscar Cheng-Kai, Wu

      Age:              25

      Nationality: Taiwanese

      Email:           oscar@thestand.nl



Four years of showering in political science in the National Taiwan University left a long, gray and dry trace that will last for decades in my life. Rationality, inhumanity, and emotionlessness is the motto of those years. In the second year of my stay, I regret my decision to study politics so hard that I decided to start my new life beyond Taiwan and then beyond Asia eventually.

However, I never expected that hell would descend three years later.

It was a long trip to Japan. The exchange program I had attended is the warmest, most kind-hearted and most thoughtful one I have ever experienced. In contrast to that is the overall cold cruelty of Japanese society that has locked me into years of anxiety disorder, panic seizure and depression. It is still a curse of my social life. 

I realized that I need more support other than pills and advices. I need to pursue my own future that will sustain my life and help me engage my greatest inner-devils. I would do whatever I can to free myself from the cage within my heart.

I applied for this MA in Journalism in Groningen a year after the exchange ended. During the program, I engage all kinds of people and write their stories is the best cure for the mentally bruised and scarred. Words are like bricks that help me rebuild my life and rejuvenate my resilience. Journalism is the greatest antidote of past traumas and the whole conclusion of my previous years.

What lies beyond the conclusion is my future. I am ready to take new challenges once again.