Name:          Valerie Scholz

      Age:              24

      Nationality: German




Having grown up in Bangkok, Thailand, I was privileged enough to early in my life experience a drastically different culture and an extremely international way of life – and it’s safe to say I loved it. Ever since, I have developed a wanderlust and desire to see more places, experience more cultures and tell my own stories.

Two years ago, with a degree in Cultural Studies, specialized in media and communications, tired of endless theoretical debates and terrible Uni cafeteria coffee, I naively set out into the working-world.

I worked for 1,5 years, first as an account manager and strategy assistant in a large advertising agency and soon after as a creative and SEO-content copywriter in a media agency.

Being a mathematics-phobic, scared of numbers, I’ve always been a writer. Even more so, I admire the art of playing with words until they come alive and paint images in the mind. I now study journalism, with the dream to combine my passions: travelling the world and telling stories about my encounters on the way.