Name:          William Macmaster

      Age:              24

      Nationality: English

      Email:           william@thestand.nl



I studied English and Media in Southampton during which time I spent a year in Utrecht for Erasmus, as I enjoyed the ambience of the Dutch cities so much I chose to return for my Masters.

After finishing University, I first spent a year living in Malta working as a content writer for an I-Gaming company, as well as writing for an underground music magazine. As much as I loved living there, I disliked the industry I worked in, so I decided to commit myself to my real passion, journalism.

My passion for journalism stems from the fact it gives me the opportunity to learn about interesting people and niche subjects that I would never have known about if it wasn’t for the doors journalism opens. I also like that it allows me the freedom to travel the world, writing about issues that I care about or think are important.

My previous work has been predominantly about music, culture and politics, but I am looking to begin writing more about drug culture, sexuality and modern relationships.