Name:          Yujia Yang

      Age:              22

      Nationality: Chinese

      Email:           yujia@thestand.nl



As an enthusiastic junior journalist, I am seeking to show the world to see through my eyes by the means of delivering factual, concise and elegantly written and multimedia pieces to a wide range of readers. 

In this summer 2018, I finished my BA degree in journalism in University of Westminster London. Without hesitation, I decided to continue to study journalism in MA because I really love writing and enjoy playing a role in delivering information to the public.

I worked in Chinese Business Gazette UK as a reporter and junior editor in 2017, focusing on international and political journalism. Later, in October 2017, I became a freelancer reporting the latest lifestyle news of London for a bilingual platform. I appreciated that these experiences helped me to know myself better like how much I love journalism.