A Day in the Life of a Homeless Man

By William Macmaster and Tadhg O’ Sullivan

John is an eloquent and charming man who speaks three languages. John previously trained to be an artist. He is creative and has a keen eye for details. John is homeless.

Despite his welcoming persona and upbeat attitude, he, unfortunately, found himself in a situation where he couldn’t pay his rent in Rotterdam and had to move to Groningen to seek refuge. He is one of many people who has found themselves in such a situation.

Sometimes when we see people in the streets looking raggedy or asking for money, it can be an inconvenience or even annoying to us. What we never do is put ourselves in their shoes and try to understand their day to day life. That was until now.

The Stand’s Tadhg O’Sullivan and William Macmaster spent a day with John, followed him around the streets of Groningen and saw what he gets up to on a daily basis. John spoke openly about he views on his own life, as well as the members of the public he meets every day.

The video you are about to watch will reveal to you how John manages to keep his head above water and live the life of a homeless man.